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YSC Fall 2016 Schedule  -  Click here

Each year we join with Mustang to schedule our older divisions. This schedule reflects both YSC and MYSA schedules. For u6 teams, be sure to look in coed if you don't find it in u5/u6 boys/girls.

Please note that all games now count regardless of club or how many times a team is played during the season. Piedmont teams are registered through Yukon this year and are considered Yukon teams for standings.

Schedule is subject to change - please check back.

Coaches - if your are playing in Yukon Soccer Club league, please email game scores to scorekeeper@yukonsoccer.net

YSC Scoring and Standings


U6 Girls and Coed Division

Standings are not kept for the U6 division. Referees do not log the final scores.

U7 through U12 Girls and Coed Divisions

The following 9-point system used:
6 points for a win.
3 points for a tie.
1 point for each goal (up to a maximum of 3)
0 points for a loss

YSC no longer has the 10 point differential rule. If a team dominates they may be asked to play up into the next division the next season providing the board feels it is not too big of size difference.

Scoring Example

  • Win game 3 to 2 (Winning team gets 6 points for victory and 3 points for goals for a total of 9 points. Losing team gets 0 points for loss and 2 points for goals for a total of 2 points.)
  • Tie game 1 to 1 (Both teams get 3 points for the tie and 1 point for goals for a total of 4 points each)

All games count regardless of how many times you play another team or the club they are from.

For trophies and awards, we will award the teams that are registered in Yukon. Other clubs will award their teams. If the top YSC teams are placed 2nd and 5th in a division, then those teams will be awarded 1st and 2nd place for YSC